8 Ways You Are Ruining Your Oral Health Unknowingly

Many of us are ignorant about certain physical activities, drinks, and food that can destroy our teeth and gums. Despite flossing and brushing, some bad habits continue to damage our oral health. According to dentist in south Kolkata, some of the habits cause immediate damage, like breaking teeth; others can affect them in the long run. Therefore, […]

Taking Care of Your Oral Health In A Fully Sanitised Dental Clinic of South Kolkata

Dental care is crucial for everyone, at any age and any stage of life, whether it is for your child or your parents. As a result, it is preferable to get professional advice for all of your dental concerns to maintain ideal oral health. See & Smile Dental Clinic was established to revolutionise dental care. […]

10 Misconceptions About Your Oral Health According To South Kolkata Based Dentist

With time we are becoming more and more health-conscious. But unfortunately, we still nurture a few misconceptions about our oral health. Let’s see what the top dentist in Kolkata have to say about it. Sometimes, educated patients can be the victim of delusions. The myths spread quickly amongst patients, and they hesitate to visit an orthodontist. According […]

Survey Reveals the Impact of a Good Smile and Healthy Teeth on Self-Confidence and Well-Being

A new study published by Cigna, a worldwide health services organization, helps confirm the connection between oral health and confidence. It shows that people who reported as having “excellent” oral health had higher self-confidence than those who reported, “fair to poor oral health.” The study also shows that the insecurities about smiles and oral health […]