Taking Care of Your Oral Health In A Fully Sanitised Dental Clinic of South Kolkata

Dental care is crucial for everyone, at any age and any stage of life, whether it is for your child or your parents. As a result, it is preferable to get professional advice for all of your dental concerns to maintain ideal oral health.

See & Smile Dental Clinic was established to revolutionise dental care. In Kolkata, See & Smile is a multispecialty dentistry clinic with state-of-the-art dental infrastructure that offers dental procedures at incredibly low prices. These dental services include teeth implants, dental restoration treatment, root treatment, and cosmetic dentistry.

In this specific blog, we will explore how we help our patients keep their teeth healthy. Let’s get started.

Common Oral Issues

There are a variety of oral conditions that can affect both adults and children. Others can develop into more serious oral health concerns over time, while others are mild at the time of diagnosis.

Lots of common oral conditions exist which people of all ages, without proper oral and dental care, are most vulnerable to. Most of them are entailed below:

  • Bruxism is a condition characterised by severe teeth grinding, which occurs most frequently during sleep.
  • The condition of having bad breath, often known as halitosis, is characterised by persistent unpleasant breath.
  • Dry mouth, known as xerostomia, is a condition in which the salivary glands do not generate sufficient saliva.
  • Toothaches are discomfort that occurs near or within a tooth and is usually caused by decay or an abscess.
  •      Damaged teeth: Cracks in the teeth that range from slight to severe and can be caused by an injury, bruxism, or other circumstances. You can go for dental implants if the issue is severe and search for teeth implants near me.
  • Tooth sensitivity is defined as the sensitivity of a tooth to hot, cold, or sweet substances.
  •      Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD): is a syndrome that causes excruciating jaw discomfort.
  • A person who routinely breathes by their mouth, for example, when sleeping, is said to be mouth breathing. This is also another condition.
  • An oral condition in which the gums begin to wear away or pull away from the teeth, exposing more of a tooth and the base of a tooth, is known as gingival recession.
  • A burning mouth is a burning or tingling sensation that frequently occurs in the mouth.
  • When the gum tissue around a patient’s teeth grows too much, the condition is known as gingival hyperplasia.

Oral diseases are frequently more severe than the majority of other oral ailments. Some disorders, if left untreated, can result in tooth loss or irreversible harm to the teeth and the structures surrounding them if not treated (e.g., the gums).

Among the most common oral disorders are the following:

Gingivitis: This is a mild gum condition that is permanent.

Periodontal disease: A severe gum disease that causes irreversible bone loss.

Cavities: These are dental decay that can be small or serious.

Oral thrush: Oral thrush is a kind of yeast infection of the mouth that affects the tongue.

Canker sores: These are little mouth ulcers that usually heal on their own after a few weeks of occurrence.

Dental abscess: An oral abscess is a puss-filled pocket that develops in a tooth.

Oral cancer: A dangerous kind of cancer that affects the mouth and throat, oral cancer is one of the most common cancers.

The good news, however, is that these conditions and diseases are highly preventable and, if already being suffered, can also be curbed in time before it wrecks greater havoc.

Sanitisation Process of the Clinic

We understand the reluctance to visit any medical facility, especially during a pandemic. But health issues are unavoidable, and ignoring them can be harmful in many ways. As a result, Seensmile has done all possible to keep our clients and staff safe from any coronavirus infections.

We test all of our clients and patients for coronavirus. They are tested for fever and symptoms. They are also asked about their medical and travel backgrounds. Our crew is also routinely screened to prevent infection.

To further clean our work area and prevent contaminations and illnesses, we do daily chemical, gaseous, and surface sterilisation. To ensure our patients’ and clients’ safety and health, we’ve included detailed information about our preventive measures and on-site treatment methods.

For the sake of patient’s health and the health of the clinic staff, we take all reasonable measures and adhere to all applicable medical regulations and norms.

Preventive Measures

  • Patients and personnel must wear masks at all times, except during dental procedures and treatments.
  • Dentists and staff members maintain hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently with soap.
  • Medical equipment and machines used for treatment are sanitised and disinfected regularly, preferably after each patient visit or treatment. Contact surfaces like doors and door handles, chairs, and tables are cleaned with sanitisers and a clean towel.
  • Using modern ultrasonic air humidifiers like the Steriline Fogger to sterilise and disinfect the air. Using research-proven, modern HEPA air filters with high volume suction trap 99 per cent of the dust, allergies, and germs in the air.

On-site Procedures in dental clinic in South Kolkata

Upon entering the clinic, customers are given a temperature check, and their hands are sanitised. Their medical records are scrutinised. We develop unique dental setups and procedures based on their evaluations to provide maximum safety and hygiene.

Dental Arrangements

  •      Green: When the client is healthy and shows no signs of coronavirus infection, any dental treatment or procedure can be performed freely. Consultation, Abscess Drainage, Temporary Filling, Denture Adjustment, Hand Scaling, RCT with slow speed hand-piece, Fluoride Application, Digital Impressions, Orthodontic Procedures, etc.
  •      Orange: When customers show mild signs of infection, treatments, and procedures are performed according to stringent regulations. For example, intra-oral radiographs, post and core implantations, GIC fillings, direct veneers, diastema closures, etc.
  •      Red: To ensure the client’s and staff’s safety, no treatment should be given if the client has been confirmed or is highly suspected of having the coronavirus. Procedures include aerosol restoration and fillings, ultrasonic scaling and polishing, implant surgeries, perio surgeries, etc.

Treatment Precautions:

Outside of routinely sterilising and disinfecting medical tools and equipment, we observe a few more sanitary rules. These are

  1. Using medical PPE kits helps safeguard both the dentist and the patient from dangerous infections.
  2. Using an antibacterial mouth rinse before dental operations.
  3. Using high-volume saliva ejectors and rubber dams when isolating.

Importance of Seeing a Dentist

Mouth Cancer

This is an integral part of every dental visit. They will look for signs of oral, head, and neck cancer. They will do so by palpating your head and neck. The mouth may have red or white spots. Most of the time, they reveal nothing, but they may save your life


Sometimes overlooked for oral health, dental hygienists and therapists can be valuable resources. Dental hygienists treat gum disease, educate patients on appropriate oral hygiene at home, and promote oral health. Cleaning your teeth properly removes plaque and tartar, which cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Whitening consultations

Recent trends in tooth whitening have led to confusion regarding what is safe and legal. Your dentist can advise you on teeth whitening options. They are the only site where you can lawfully get your teeth whitened. Google for dental restoration treatment near me to get help.

Early Detection

A mirror shows your teeth, but a lot is going on beneath your gums. This is where the dentist comes in to nip on the bud those issues that might have prolonged effects on your oral health.

Personalised Assistance

When in doubt, people often resort to the internet, a wealth of both good and bad information. A skilled dentist, on the other hand, will give reliable advice. Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to tailor advice and support to your specific needs. If you are looking for smile designing, you can always search for ‘cosmetic dentistry near me.’

A location specific search can pinpoint the most trusted dentists in your area. Suppose you are a resident of South Kolkata or Harinavi area, look for top dentist in Kolkata or simply browse for root canal treatment in Harinavi if you are looking for a specific kind of treatment in a specific area. If you have any worries about your teeth or mouth, see your dentist right away.

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