What Can You Do To Deal With A Broken Or Chipped Tooth?

A cracked or chipped tooth can be painful, and it may lead to repercussions if not treated timely. Sometimes, the crack is too small and may not be visible to the naked eye. One may experience exhilarating pain when one chews food or feels sensitive to both hot and cold objects. So, if you experience anything similar, you must visit the dental clinic as early as possible.

What are some of the usual symptoms of a cracked or chipped tooth?

Some of the common symptoms are:

  1. One may experience pain while eating or chewing any particular food.
  2. The cracked tooth can infect the gums around it and make it swollen.
  3. The teeth may get sensitive to both hot and cold objects.
  4. The gums may swell or become red because of the chipped tooth.
  5. There may be discomfort around the teeth, but difficult to pinpoint the exact place.
  6. The teeth can become sensitive to sweet delicacies.

Some of these symptoms are quite common. But sometimes, one may not be able to view the symptoms before it gets too complex. You can visit any of the dentist doctors and seek consultation from them.

What are the possible reasons for a cracked tooth?

Some of the possible reasons for a cracked tooth are:

  1. When one bites on extra hard food, and causes disturbance in the food.
  2. Any physical injury caused due to some accident.
  3. Untreated tooth decay can also be a prime reason for cracked or chipped teeth.
  4. When one grinds the teeth much more than required.
  5. Consumption of extra hold or cold objects can cause a crack in the tooth.
  6. A change in temperature can cause a cracked tooth.
  7. A filling may weaken the tooth.

So, if you have encountered any of the reasons that may have caused a cracked tooth, you may consult the nearest dentist. If you are a resident of South Kolkata, you can visit the dental clinic south Kolkata and get the required treatment.

What are some of the home remedies that can help you treat the cracked tooth?

Some of the home remedies to treat a cracked tooth are:

  • One should do the mouth rinsing with warm water to ensure that it is clean.
  • You can consume doctor-prescribed counter-pain medications.
  • Using a cold compress on the cheek can also alleviate the pain.
  • Using aloe vera can also help fight the bacteria that may have caused cavities.
  • Keeping ice and other cold things like ice cream and cold drinks can reduce the pain.
  • Flossing can also help to relieve the pain.

Deploying these home remedies can help ease the pain temporarily, but it may come back anytime, so it would always be wise to consult the dentist before it gets too late. So, if you live anywhere near South Kolkata, it would be best to consult the dentist doctors south Kolkatawho are the best in town.

What are the possible options for treating a cracked or chipped tooth?

Some of the possible options for treating a cracked or chipped tooth that the cosmetic dentist mostly recommends are:

  1. Crowns- It is one of the options available that is used to cap the broken tooth. It is a prosthetic device that is used to save the damaged tooth.
  2. Bonding- It is used to fill the gaps and cracks produced because of the damage. It restores the original look of the teeth if you have chipped off a small piece of your enamel.
  3. Root canal- If the crack gets too extensive, it extends to the pulp and thus leads to damage to the tooth. In such cases, a root canal is the only treatment to treat such pulp.
  4. Extraction- A dentist can extract the chipped tooth if it is in an extra bad shape that cannot be brought back to its original state. If the nerves and the roots lying below the teeth are damaged, extraction could be the only option.
  5. Veneers- If the tooth is partially broken and seems to be fit and healthy, then putting dental veneers could be the most feasible solution. The dentists may recommend putting veneers to make those chipped teeth right.

If you are a resident of South Kolkata, you should visit the cosmetic dentist in south Kolkata who can help you find the best treatment depending on your state. There are several affordable dental clinic in south Kolkata that provides you with the best treatments.

How much can it cost to fix the chipped tooth?

Fixing cracked or chipped teeth vary from person to person and also from the severity of the dental problem. It may cost you few bucks, a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand. Some of the costs that the experts’ estimate are:

  • A filling or a bonding may cost you between $100 and $400.
  • Getting crowns and other cosmetic surgeries can cost you around $300, and it may shoot up depending on the type of the crown.
  • A root canal can cost you around $500, and it may vary if there are several damaged teeth.
  • Veneers can be quite expensive, and the cost per tooth could start from $1000.

In such cases, it is always beneficial to have dental insurance that could help ease your pocket after the cosmetic surgery. You can talk to your insurance providers and dentists to get more information on this.

What are the preventive options that can help you avoid cracked teeth?

These measures do not guarantee that you won’t face cracked or chipped teeth ever. But these are some of the ways that can help you prevent chipped or cracked teeth are:

  • It is best to avoid any hard foods like ice and popcorn kernels. These foods can help prevent the tooth from getting cracked or chipped.
  • You should avoid grinding and biting your teeth. These eating habits can destroy your tooth and damage it.
  • You should avoid consuming sugary foods quite often because it wears down your enamel and weakens it.
  • You should avoid clenching your tooth that may destroy it because most people tend to clench their teeth at night.
  • It is essential that you wear a proper mouth guard while playing any sports that may damage your teeth.

These are some of the ways to prevent a chipped or cracked tooth. Even after following all the preventive measures, you are unable to get rid of your cracked tooth, and you should consider consulting dentist doctors. And if you are a resident of South Kolkata, you should visit the south Kolkata best dental clinics available.


A cracked or chipped tooth can be quite painful, and it should be dealt with care. You should consult the cosmetic dentist as soon as you suspect any discomfort in your teeth. Keeping the cracked tooth untreated for a long can lead to serious problems in the future. Some cracks can heal automatically without any external treatment, whereas some might need cosmetic makeovers. A dentist is the one who actually can help determine the severity of your dental problem.

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