Why Should Periodontitis Be Treated Beforehand?


Periodontitis, also referred to as gum disease, depicts a severe gum infection that causes harm to the soft tissues. Although with the advancement in technology, periodontal disease treatment has been successful in treating scores of people all around the globe. So, if you have been suffering from gum infection, you should visit your nearest dental clinic like see and smile to explore all the possibilities that are applicable in your case.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Some of the common symptoms that confirm periodontitis are:

  1. If you feel pain while chewing or while speaking.
  2. If the color of your gum changes to bright red or dusky red.
  3. Bleeding gums are also an indication of periodontitis.
  4. Sensitive Gums.
  5. If you have space in between your teeth and gums and you find new spaces being developed.

What are the different periodontal disease treatments available?

There are two types of periodontal disease treatments available to treat periodontitis. One of them is surgical, and another one is non-surgical. It depends on the severity of the issue that varies from person to person.

The Non-Surgical Method Includes

  1. Scaling eliminates bacteria and tartar from the surface and also from beneath your gums.
  2. Root planing helps make the surface smooth, which does not allow the further buildup of the plaque or bacteria on the surface or inside the gums.
  3. Taking some prescribed antibiotics can help control the growth of bacterial infections. These antibiotics can help eliminate the infection-causing bacteria that leads to periodontitis.

The Surgical Method Includes

  1. Surgery involves the removal of the damaged gum tissues and making space for effective scaling and root planing.
  2. Surgery is performed if your bones have been affected by periodontitis. Your bones are replaced by a synthetic bone graft that can help prevent tooth loss.
  3. A less invasive surgery involves the application of special gel on the root of the injured tooth. This gel helps in the development of the tooth enamel and allows the healthy bone to grow.


If you have been suffering from periodontitis, you need not worry about its treatment. The periodontal disease treatment is readily available for all. It can be cured easily. It would be best never to leave it untreated because it can also harm the bones supporting your teeth.

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