Cleaning and Sanitization Methods Employed During the Pandemic:


Sanitation is a primary concern during the pandemic, and we understand the reluctance to visit any medical facility, especially during these times. But health troubles are inevitable, and ignoring them can be dangerous and detrimental for many reasons. As such, we at Seensmile have tried our utmost to maintain cleanliness and follow proper and rigorous sanitary regulations to protect both our clients and staff from any coronavirus infection during our services.

We screen each of our customers and patients for suspected cases of coronavirus infection. They undergo temperature tests and symptom evaluations. Inquiries about their medical histories and travel histories are also made. In addition, our staff also undergoes routine and regular screening to prevent any infections within the team.

We conduct around the clock routine chemical, gaseous, and surface sterilization of the clinic to further sanitize our work area and prevent contaminations and infections. Below, we also discuss in detail our preventive measures and on-site treatment precautions and procedures to further assure the safety and health of our patients and clients.

Preventive Measures:

We employ necessary steps and follow proper medical guidelines and regulations to ensure safe and hygienic treatment and clinic environment.

● Compulsory wearing masks at all times for both patient and staff except during dental procedures and treatments.
● Maintenance of hand hygiene by the dentists and staff through regular hand-washing with soap.
● Installation of protective barriers in contact areas of the clinic space like dental chairs.
● The medical equipment and machines used for treatment are routinely sterilized and disinfected, preferably post each patient visit or treatment.
● Contact surfaces like doors and door handle, chairs, and tables are sprayed with sanitizers and rubbed with a clean towel.
● Installation of spray machines to efficiently sanitize the clinic.
● Using modern ultrasonic air humidifiers like the Steriline Fogger to sterilize and disinfect the air.
● Using research-proven, modern HEPA air filters with high volume suction creates a vacuum to trap 99% of the dust, allergens, and microbes in the air.

On-site Procedures:

Upon arriving at the clinic, clients are put through temperature screening, and their hands sprayed with sanitizers. Their medical applications and records are checked. Depending on their evaluations, we have specific dental setups and procedures prepared to maintain the utmost safety and hygiene.

Dental Setups:


For when the clients are healthy and show no symptoms relating to coronavirus infection and any dental treatment or procedure can be freely carried out without restrictions. Operable procedures include:
● Consultation
● Abscess Drainage
● Temporary Filling
● Denture Adjustment
● Hand Scaling
● RCT with access to slow speed hand-piece
● Fluoride Application
● Digital Impressions
● Orthodontic Procedures
● Recommendation of bridges and crowns, etc.


For when the clients show minor symptoms that suggest infection, treatments and procedures are carried out under strict protocols. Operable procedures include:

● Post and Core
● Soft Tissue Laser
● Single sitting RCT (with rubber dam)
● Crown
● Implant Prosthetics
● GIC Fillings
● Teeth Whitening
● Direct Veneers
● Diastema Closures
● Intra-oral Radiographs, etc.


When the client is either confirmed or strongly suspected of carrying the coronavirus either through symptoms or medical and travel records, it is least advisable to carry out any treatment to maintain the safety of both the client and the staff. Operable procedures include:

● Restoration and Fillings that require aerosol
● Scaling and Polishing with ultrasonics
● Implant surgeries
● Perio surgeries, etc.

Precautions During Treatment:

In addition to regular sterilization and disinfection of the medical tools, equipment, and machines, we follow a few other sanitary regulations and guidelines. They are as follows:

● Using medical PPE kits to protect both the dentist and the patient from possible infection.
● Using medical gloves and their proper removal to prevent any further contamination.
● Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse before the patient undergoes any dental procedures.
● Using high-volume saliva ejectors and rubber dams if isolation is to be followed.


The dentists and staff at Seensmile aim to deliver excellent dental care and treatment for our clients. We take extra care to prevent any infections or contaminations from providing a smooth, safe, and sanitary service to our patients and customers. The above information about our sanitary procedures comes directly from our COVID warriors Arun Ray and Rupa. They have been slogging and working around the clock to sterilize and disinfect the clinic and maintain peak hygiene standards.

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