How to have an Effective Oral Hygiene?

Are you searching "cosmetic dentistry near me" on your browser to have a divine smile!

Well, you are not alone. We all wish for a beautiful and attractive smile that can light up a room. But even if you choose the best smile makeover dentist, without proper oral hygiene, nothing will be gained. The lack of oral health will eventually start causing many gum and oral problems.

A sound oral hygiene routine is essential for up keeping good dental health. That does not mean just depending on brushing and flossing. Yes, those are crucial, but you should also take some additional actions to maintain oral hygiene.  

Brushing Properly

No one really wants to suffer from the embarrassing bad breath issue or go check for 'dental clinic near me' to solve oral problems. Most of us still do not have any idea about a few basics about brushing. Here are some:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is suitable for your mouth. You need to be able to move your brush to every corner of your mouth without any struggle.
  • If your brush is old enough and the bristles have already flattened out, then consider purchasing a new one.
  • Flattened out bristles also indicate that you are applying more than needed pressure, which is really harmful to the gum. 
  • You should change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.
  • Try disinfecting your brush once a week. Take one cup of lukewarm water and mix some mouthwash in it. Then keep your bristles soaked in that solution overnight.
  • You should try brushing twice a day. Once, just after waking up and once, just after dinner.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Try using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a component that strengthens teeth and reverses tooth decay. But, using a non-fluoride mouthwash before brushing is also recommended. Most of the people prefer using mouthwash after brushing. But this practice removes the essential fluoride, which remains on your teeth after brushing. 

If you go for root canal treatment in Kolkata, your dentist will also recommend the same to maintain basic oral hygiene.

Brushing Time: How and Why?

Periodontal disease treatment starts and ends with mentioning the proper brushing regimen because it is the plaques and food particles that cause most of the periodontal diseases. No matter how much you swish water or rub your gums, but those sticky and stubborn bacteria infesting food particles do not just go away. Regular brushing stops the accumulation of harmful bacteria inside your mouth and prevents foul smell. The best thing you can do is to try brushing after each meal. But let's be practical, that's not possible because of our work and social life. In that case, you can carry a mouthwash and try rinsing out the food particles.    

You should always brush your teeth after having caffeine or any acidic food. Acidic components damage our teeth enamel and gradually make our teeth sensitive. Apart from that, caffeine and tobacco often decrease the natural white color of our teeth. No matter if you search cosmetic dentistry near me and try it or not, if you have a bad breath issue with stains on your teeth, no one is going to like it, even if you have an angelic smile.

While most of the people hold brush parallel with their gums, the right way is to keep it at a 45-degree angle. The straight edge cannot cover a teeth surface adequately.

Applying a lot of pressure or just stroking harshly is not going to remove other bacteria. It is incredibly harmful to your gum. If you search 'dental clinic near me' and ask any reliable dentist about the basics, he or she will suggest you apply short and gentle strokes.

There are a lot of people who just do not like brushing their tongue. Well, it can also harbor tiny food particles and create odor. 

Flossing after brushing at least once per day is really a good habit you should build.

The Stain Issue

If you go to the best smile makeover dentist, the first thing you will go through is removing stains from your teeth. But you can try a few things at home. Try using baking soda as a natural bleach to whiten your teeth. But do not overdo it. You can use it once a week, though.

If you do not want to use baking soda, then lemon juice is another natural thing you can use. A few people prefer to use a paste of baking soda and lemon juice, but if you are under periodontal disease treatment, then consulting your dentist will be the best idea. 

Avoid caffeine, tobacco, strong-colored sauces, tea, and cold drinks as much as you can. If you cannot avoid them altogether, then try rinsing your mouth afterward.

Final Thought

No matter if you have any oral issues or not, consulting a dentist twice a year is the first step towards getting effective oral hygiene.

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