How to Recover from a Dental Implant Operation?

Absence of proper oral hygiene and inadequate brushing and flossing habits are the primary reasons that will escalate a tooth and gum problem into something severe that might plague you for days. Your seemingly ordinary teeth and gum problem might develop into a severe oral problem or a periodontal disease. In such cases, only the best dentist in South Kolkata could be your savior. You might have visited the best cosmetic dentist in South Kolkata for your teeth and gum problems and could have undergone dental implant surgery. But you need to follow a lot of restrictions if you want the postoperative treatment to be successful and to resume your normal activities at the earliest.

Importance of dental implant surgery

dental implant surgery

You could have visited the best dentist in South Kolkata for periodontal disease treatment or a root canal treatment or even undergo operations at a full mouth reconstruction clinic. But all these treatments are quite different from getting dental implant surgery.

It is possible that a severe periodontal disease could have led to a missing tooth. It could also be the case that a successful root canal treatment calls for the removal of a tooth to prevent further infection. There is also evidence that the misalignment of your jawbone due to a congenital condition or an accident can lead to you missing a tooth or a set of teeth. In all of these cases, having a dental implant could be the best possible option. Having dentures or bridges for your teeth could rid your affliction. But getting a dental implant surgery is the safest and the most wholesome treatment option that you can get for yourself.

Dental implant operation recovery time

Dental implant operation recovery

Dental implant surgery is not hugely complicated, but the recovery time depends on how well the surgery was performed and how well the postoperative measures were followed. It also depends on how the patient’s body is reacting to the dental implants which have been inserted. In any case, dental implant surgery has a conveniently short recovery period.

The typical recovery period is about five to seven days for most patients. However, this may vary. It depends on a few factors which have been highlighted below.

  • The recovery period depends on the number of dental implants that you get. You could have a single implant or multiple implants and even implants for your whole set of teeth. Therefore, quite naturally, more number of implants would take a prolonged period to heal.
  • If you require a sinus lift or a sinus augmentation for your dental implant surgery, then it could lengthen your recovery period. A sinus lift adds bone to your upper jaw that would assist in your dental implant surgery. Thus your recovery period could get significantly lengthened.
  • The cosmetic dentistry near me could also opt for bone grafting if he finds that your jawbone is not thick enough to secure a dental implant. In that case, your recovery period could become tremendously prolonged.
  • If you visit the best dentist in South Kolkata for your dental implant, he might suggest osseointegration if your condition requires your implant to be integrated with your jawbone. This the whole process takes time to happen successfully and, therefore, could result in increasing your recovery period.

Dental implant surgery recovery

The recovery procedure from dental implant surgery is quite different from what you would expect from a root canal treatment or from any other periodontal disease treatment. The first day might see you experience persistent or intermittent bleeding, oozing pus, undergo swelling, or experience pain. But there is no reason to be scared as these are the signs that your body is trying to heal itself.

But following a few postoperative measures might see your pain subside and leave you with a more comfortable condition. Avoiding the areas where you have undergone surgery, taking lots of rest, gently brushing the operated area with a brush and rinsing twice or thrice a day with saltwater from the following day could see your implants heal at a faster rate. You should also apply ice if and when required.

You might experience discoloration on the areas where you have undergone the dental implant surgery along with a sore throat, stiff jaw muscles, and dry lips following the day of the operation. But these symptoms are quite common and will tend to ease. If you are concerned, you could consult the best cosmetic dentist for relevant counsel.

Rinsing your mouth with saltwater or a minimum of twice per day is extremely useful in your recovery process. You should also not allow the pain and uneasiness to degrade your oral hygiene. Brushing is important. You should continue to brush your teeth, even if you don’t do that with the usual vigor.

Dental implant recovery diet

Dental implant recovery diet

The best dentist in South Kolkata is of the notion that your diet is vital for dental implant surgery recovery. Going for rice, noodles, oatmeal, juices and smoothies, bananas, avocado, fish, eggs, and baked beans is going to assist you in your recovery process. On the other hand, you should carefully avoid hard food like chips, nuts, apples, acidic and citric food like tomatoes, lemons, lime juice, popcorn, and even spicy food, which might cause discomfort or irritation.


This post has prepared you for things that you could expect after you have undergone your dental implant surgery. Never compromise on the dental health professionals and try going for the best cosmetic dentist or the full mouth reconstruction clinic, because your dental and oral health is extremely important. Following proper advice given by your doctor and surgeon will ease the recovery process from the dental implant surgery that you have undergone.

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