How to Take Care of Your Teeth after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Getting the heart-melting smile and searching “cosmetic dentistry near me” in your browser can be your dream. But having the wisdom teeth removed can be the priority if you are in pain. It is okay to go and search for the top dentist in Kolkata for that purpose, and your first step should be educating yourself about the post-removal care after the wisdom teeth get removed.

Understand, wisdom teeth removal treatment, and root canal treatment in Kolkata Centres can be different. But all you require to know is how they handle the post-treatment session. In most of the cases, doctors guide you about taking care and cleaning your teeth. 

You must take care of your mouth for a minimum of a week after wisdom teeth removal using a few simple practices that don’t need much time or sweat.

Change the gauze as per your Dentist’s Instruction

After wisdom teeth removal, your doctor will fill your mouth with dressing around the surgery site. Generally, You can change these after one or two hours if you want to. If it bleeds, then consider changing the gauze every 30 minutes or so. You should apply slight pressure while using the gauze.

If the bleeding continues even after a few hours, then consider contacting your dentist. Blood can ooze from the place for 24 hours or more than that. But it will be like saliva-based, not pure blood. In the case of excessive blood, call the doctor immediately.

Do not brush your teeth for the first day after surgery

No matter which dentist in south Kolkata you choose, he or she will definitely suggest you not brush your teeth or rinse the mouth with mouthwash for the first day after wisdom teeth removal. This can interrupt the curative procedure and can cause infection or dry socket.

The first 24 hours are very significant for the healing process. Scrubbing your teeth may inhibit with blood clotting, which can extend healing or lead to infection

Wait for Three days

Avoid brushing the whole wisdom teeth removed area for at least three days after the treatment. You can rinse your mouth with a solution made of a pinch of salt and ½ cup warm water after your surgery. Do not rinse your mouth forcefully with that solution. Rather tilt your head to allow the water to flow naturally and rinse out your mouth. Quickly drain out the water instead of spitting it out.

Brush your other teeth

Carefully bush your other teeth and take a bit more time than usual. Resume brushing the teeth very mildly. Carefully avoid the surgery site and use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Follow a small circular motion.  Any dentist in Kolkata will show you the ‘how-to’ part about the brushing.

Do not dribble out toothpaste for few days after the surgery. Spitting could interrupt the blood clot that requires to form over the wounded area. Resume your habitual brushing routine the third day after the operation. Do not forget to rub your tongue to remove bacteria and food particles, which could go inside the wounded gums and lead to an infection.

Watch for Contamination

If you follow the pieces of advice of your doctor and there will not be any risk of infection. But not forget to look for any sign of contamination, though. You need to take all the precautions to evade post-operative complications. Top dentists in Kolkata demonstrates a thorough process to guide you properly. In case of any difficulties, contact your doctor immediately.

Other Precautions You Should Take

  • See your dentist straight away if you experience complications swallowing, have a fever, notice pus around the surgery site, or have inflammation that worsens.

  • Do not use a straw. Avoid using a straw to sip drinks or beverages. The pressure could disrupt the healing process

  • Drink sufficient water. It will keep mouth damp and help dodge dry socket and infection.

  • Avoid carbonated and caffeinated beverages during the first day.

  • Do not take alcohol for at least a week after surgery.

  • Hot drinks like coffee, tea, or cocoa could extricate the blood clots developing in the hollow socket where the wisdom tooth was.

  • Eat soft food. Use your other teeth to crush grain, if you have to chew the food. This will decrease the amount of food that can get jammed in between your teeth and increase the risk of infection.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after each meal for the first week after the surgery.

  • You can try an ice pack for pain and swelling. You’ll possibly have some inflammation for a few days. This is common, and putting on an ice pack will help reduce bulge and pain. The swelling typically goes away after 2 to 3 days.

  • You should relax and avoid vigorous activity or workout until swelling resolve.

Final Thoughts

Do not get panicked. Wisdom teeth surgery is one of the general dental surgeries. In fact, it is less complicated than root canal treatment in Kolkata. Just follow your doctor’s suggestions like a religion. After a week or two, you can break the walnut shell again with your teeth.

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